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Attendee Experience

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The BDI Experience

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What Our Attendees Are Saying


“This was an outstanding event. I found the group to be very engaging and the content to be extremely relevant.”

SVP, Chief Accounting Officer at Alignment Healthcare


“The best roundtable event I’ve attended this year! (and I’ve been at several with high-profile FinTech entrepreneurs, VCs, book authors, etc.)”

VP, Ecommerce Platform Manager at First Midwest Bank


“I thoroughly enjoyed [the event] and left when some great insight which would be so beneficial for my current role and future roles. The panel members were very informative and provided great advice including the moderator Nirvana. I do look forward to other events and this one was so well organized and executed.”

Senior Compliance Officer at TD Bank Financial Group




“I’m very interested. Everyone seems to still be scrambling to switch their events to a digital environment, but it seems like you guys have figured it out. I’m looking forward to joining.”

Cynthia, attendee, Philly


“In today’s world this was very much appreciated and better than what I could have expected.”

Michael, panelist, NYC


“Kudos to your team for thinking outside the box on the grubhub tie-in. So impressed with this idea that I am sharing it with some of our partner organizations as an example of “thinking outside the box” and virtual selling tactics.”

Tina, attendee, DC


“BDI has been an incredible business partner who has adapted right along with Equinix and sometimes even ahead of Equinix. Thank you for conducting a great event today!”

Jennifer, client, Palo Alto


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