Gaining Visibility to Drive Results:

Gaining Visibility to Drive Results:

Aligning Marketing Teams With Corporate Goals

Aligning Marketing Teams With Corporate Goals

Wednesday, June 9th
@ 12:00 – 1:30 PM CT

Wednesday, June 9th
@ 12:00 – 1:30 PM CT

About the Program

Gaining Visibility to Drive Results: Aligning Marketing Teams With Corporate Goals is an invitation-only, video-based virtual event limited to marketing and digital transformation leaders from enterprises across the country who will convene with three goals in mind:

  • Learn from insightful conversations led by our moderated panel
  • Participate in interactive breakout room video discussions
  • Build meaningful new connections with a group of diverse thinkers
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About the Content

The past year has placed even greater pressure on marketers to create memorable digital experiences, including personalized campaigns and content. While budgets and resources remained the same, demand soared. According to a 2020 Sirkin Research survey of enterprise-level marketing leaders, 42% of respondents indicated that their team lacked the bandwidth to quickly create new content as the result of pandemic-induced shifting priorities. However, without visibility into critical data, marketing leaders struggle to effectively spread their limited resources and produce high-quality work at scale.

Organizations that prioritize visibility into all digital work are not only able to provide marketers with data to advocate for themselves, but are also able to align marketers’ day-to-day jobs with corporate goals. Aligning work to strategic goals empowers individuals and teams to prioritize meaningful, high-value work that contributes to business outcomes and helps companies achieve their goals.

Join us and our expert panelists as we discuss how organizations can transform their virtual workplace with tools that support the marketers who are creating digital experiences for their customers.

Discussion Topics

  • How marketing teams can work to improve digital experiences and create a competitive advantage
  • Capturing data and identifying the right metrics to prove marketing teams’ value
  • Why the pivot to virtual has made managing digital content assets a higher priority for marketing teams
  • Prioritizing the right campaigns and content to deliver results that align with corporate goals

Event Details


Wednesday, June 9th


12:00 pm – 1:30 pm CT

Attendee Profile

Select group of marketing and digital transformation leaders


12:00PM     Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks

12:05PM     Video Networking in Breakout Rooms

12:15PM     Panel Discussion

12:55PM     Audience Q&A

1:10PM       Breakout Networking Sessions


Attendees Enter Virtual Event

& Welcome Remarks



Video Networking in Breakout Rooms



Panel Discussion



Audience Q&A



Breakout Networking Sessions

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