Building Your Content Engine

Thursday, April 23rd
12:00 – 1:15 PM PST
Pacific Northwest

Thursday, April 23rd
12:00 – 1:15 PM PST
Pacific Northwest

About the Program

Building Your Content Engine is an invitation-only, video-based virtual event limited to 30 senior marketing and creative leaders from enterprises in the Pacific Northwest who will convene with three goals in mind:

  • Learn from insightful conversations led by our moderated panel
  • Participate in interactive break out room video discussions
  • Build meaningful new connections with a group of like-minded peers

About the Content

In this age of hyper-personalization, marketers and creatives need to produce a near-infinite amount of content to deliver the brand experiences customers expect. Organizations have been rethinking the way they create, manage, deliver, and optimize content, using technology to transform the way their teams collaborate. Now more than ever, it’s important that even while working remotely, your teams are connected through the content journey – conceptualization to final execution and distribution. We want to examine what leading teams are doing (and avoiding) to improve their collaboration & content velocity from home.

Discussion Topics

  • Identifying efficient vs inefficient methods of remote collaboration
  • Removing friction from communication between creative and marketing teams during the content creation process
  • Introducing automation as marketers seek to speed up the process while creatives need time to create
  • Using tools and technologies to move toward operating as a content creation factory
  • Why creatives and marketers have different definitions for the term ‘content velocity’ and how that impacts workflow


Kevin Lindsay
Adobe Experience Manager


Dan DeBeyer
Director, Digital Strategy
First Nations Health Authority
Naomi Liu
Director, Global Marketing Operations
Electronics for Imaging
Robert Mackay
Senior Director, Marketing Western Canada
Scott Schneider
Creative Director
Crystal Stus
Director of Marketing

Event Details


Thursday, April 23rd, 2020


12:00 pm – 1:15 pm PST

Attendee Profile

25 Marketing and Creative leaders from the Pacific Northwest


12:00PM     Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks

12:05PM     Video Networking in Breakout Rooms

12:15PM     Panel Discussion

12:40PM     Audience Q&A

12:55PM     Breakout Networking Sessions


Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks


Video Networking in Breakout Rooms


Panel Discussion


Audience Q&A


Breakout Networking Sessions


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