Advancing and Enhancing Patient Care:

Advancing and Enhancing Patient Care:

Digital Healthcare in a Post-Covid World

Digital Healthcare in a
Post-Covid World

Presented by:

Presented by:

Tuesday, March 16th
@ 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST

Tuesday, March 16th
@ 1:00 – 2:30 PM EST

About the Content

In the past year, the global COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation efforts that were already underway in the healthcare industry. Keeping up with the need to securely collect, manage, analyze, and share electronic health records (EHR) while limiting in-person care, remaining compliant, and integrating complex systems has presented incredible challenges.

This disruption and the forced transformation, however, have also provided a view of the future of digital healthcare and the opportunities to leverage interconnected technologies to improve patient outcomes. The shift towards telemedicine and virtual patient care became clear early on in the pandemic, with predicted virtual care visits in 2020 surpassing 1 billion and over 900 million related to COVID-19 alone (Forrester). The trend only serves to underscore the role of digital transformation in revolutionizing patient experiences and continuing the growth of the industry.

Join our expert panel as we discuss the trends in virtual healthcare, the underpinning network technologies, and the collection, storage, and use of data to better serve patients.

In this conversation, we will:

  • Discover how leading providers, payers and pharma are pivoting their underpinning IT technology architecture to support rapid growth in Telehealth, Home Health, new drug development, script writing and delivery, etc.
  • Understand how advancements in medical research will enable preparedness for the next pandemic
  • Explore interoperability problems that exist with disparate medical, patient and research data platforms and how they can be obviated in the upcoming year
  • Discuss methods to address security concerns as they relate to healthcare legislature, and potential future alterations to US healthcare policy around data privacy of patient records

About the Program

Advancing and Enhancing Patient Care: Digital Healthcare in a Post-Covid World is an invitation-only virtual video-based event limited to 50 senior business and technology leaders from the healthcare and life sciences industries who will meet over three goals:

  • Learn from insightful conversations led by our moderated panel
  • Participate in interactive breakout room video discussions for peer-to-peer learning
  • Create meaningful new connections with a group of diverse thinkers

Event Details


Tuesday, March 16th


1:00 pm – 2:30 pm EST

Attendee Profile

50 senior business and technology leaders from the healthcare and life sciences industries


1:00PM     Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks

1:05PM     Video Networking in Breakout Rooms

1:15PM     Panel Discussion

1:55PM     Audience Q&A

2:10PM     Breakout Networking Sessions


Attendees Enter Virtual Event

& Welcome Remarks


Video Networking in Breakout Rooms


Panel Discussion


Audience Q&A


Breakout Networking Sessions

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