ITWorks: Goal Setting

ITWorks: Goal Setting

Wednesday, February 17th
@ 12:00 – 1:30 PM CST

Wednesday, February 17th
@ 12:00 – 1:30 PM CST

What is ITWorks?

ITWorks: Goal Setting is part three of a multi-part productivity series and invitation-only, video-based virtual event. It is limited to a select group of IT leaders who will share insights and personal experiences with one another to create a rich networking experience for all. We will convene for part three of the series with three goals in mind:

  • Learn from insightful conversations led by our moderated panel
  • Participate in interactive breakout room video discussions
  • Build meaningful new connections with a group of diverse thinkers
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About the Content

Every achievement big or small begins with setting a goal. In the current climate it is especially necessary for corporations to set clear and achievable goals with prioritized action plans. Both short and long term initiatives involve goals in the making, and creating a systematized strategy that prioritizes collaboration and workflow is a feat not to be taken lightly. According to the authors of The Balanced Scorecard, 90% of corporations fail to execute their strategies successfully. Thus, where goal setting may be a critical step in moving an action plan further, the strategy and execution of goals is an area where all companies could benefit from added insight. 

There are some metrics that corporate leaders can leverage in order to set and achieve company goals, such as making goals specific and measurable while approaching them in reachable increments. Even so, in order to better set the right actionable goals, corporate leaders need to define priorities with viable strategies before applying the right tools to plan, measure, and execute them.

Discussion Topics

  • Goal alignment and the importance of charting strategy from planning through execution 
  • How to prioritize critical tasks with so many uncertainties
  • Leveraging integrated technological platforms and the right tool to streamline process, measure success, and modify for assured goal achievement 
  • How to define priorities when limited or decentralized resources necessitate compromise
  • The limits of proactive planning and how to better align work to strategy


Event Details


Wednesday, February 17th


12:00 pm – 1:30 pm CST

Attendee Profile

A select group of senior information technology leaders


12:00PM     Attendees Enter Virtual Event & Welcome Remarks

12:05PM     Video Networking in Breakout Rooms

12:15PM     Panel Discussion

12:55PM     Audience Q&A

1:10PM       Breakout Networking Sessions


Attendees Enter Virtual Event

& Welcome Remarks


Video Networking in Breakout Rooms


Panel Discussion


Audience Q&A


Breakout Networking Sessions

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