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Visual UGC Roundtable Lunch for Digital Marketing Agencies

The Visual UGC roundtable is an exclusive, invitation-only gathering limited to 20 senior digital marketers from leading agencies who will meet over a 90-minute interactive roundtable lunch in to discuss how they can embrace UGC to drive results for their clients. Our objectives are to learn from each other and provide a unique networking experience.

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Visual UGC: Transforming Engagement Marketing Into Performance Marketing Virtual Roundtable

Instagram launched their new Ads capabilities on 10/1/2015. This new functionality is just another example of how social media platforms are shifting from purely engagement channels to performance channels. Join Offerpop during this virtual discussion to hear how Macy’s exclusive brands division is leveraging this opportunity to engage consumers along the entire customer journey from awareness to conversions.

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The Future of B2B Tech Marketing Webinar

B2B Tech Marketer’s jobs are changing fast. It’s harder than ever to get the attention and engagement of buyers due to the increasing amount of noise in the marketplace. B2B Tech companies require their marketers to move faster and smarter. This webinar will feature an all-star panel of B2B marketing and sales leaders who will share their insights into the future of B2B.

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